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Neck Pain : Chaotic lifestyles, inconsistent exposure to computer screens in wrong postures gives birth to neck pains in human beings. This pain is a common problem in human beings. About two-third of the population suffer with neck pain at some points in their lives. Even disc problems and trapped nerves can also be the major case...Read More

Arthritis : Arthritis is a form of Joint Disorder. It involves disturbances inflammation of one or more joints. There are many factors for the cause that leads to joint pains. Often joint pains are accompanied with arthritis. There are over 100 different forms of arthritis. Some common forms of arthritis are : Read More

Slip Disc : Due to repeated overused of certain tasks, during bending, lifting and sporting activities often intervertebral discs slipped that put pressure on the spinal cord and never root causing extreme pain. This occurrence is termed as Slip Disc or Slipped Disc. Most commonly slipped discs arise in the lumbar spine, at the bottom of the back, between the fourth and fifth vertebra. About 95% of back pain...Read More

Paralysis : When muscle function is lost in part of body it is termed as the Paralysis. Severe paralysis can stop the passage of message between the brain and the muscles. It can be cause to a loss of feeling, sensory loss. It can be completely affect completely or partially affect the body. It can affect the either one side or both sides of the body. Paralysis is most frequently caused by...Read More

Muscular Pain : Muscular Pain, also called the Myalgia, is a common problem in many people. Many people are completing about muscular pains these days. But it cannot be taken lightly. It is symptom of many diseases and disorders. The overuse or over-stretching of a muscle or group of muscles is the most common cause for muscular pain in human body. Muscular pain can be accompanied with the fever,...Read More

Joint Pain : Joint Pain has been a common problem for many people. It is a symptom of injury, infection, illness and allergic reaction to medication. There are many causes for joint pains...Read More

Back Pain : Back Pain is also termed as Dorsalgia. It is one of the frequently complained pains by many people. It is a pain felt in generally originates from the muscles, bones, nerves, joints and other structures in the spine...Read More

Frozen Shoulder : One of the successful mantras to lead a happy life is healthy and fit body. But it is sad to say that no one is perfectly fit. Every one of us is suffering from some disorders and problems. Headache, back pains, joint pain, arthritis, muscular pain, slipped disc, frozen shoulder, etc are some common problems many of us have to suffer in our lives. These problems act as barrier...Read More

Physiotherapy Exercises : To keep body healthy and fit is a successful mantra to lead a happy life. But unfortunately no one perfectly fit. People, now-a-days ,are suffering from some problems and disorders such as headache, back pains, joint pains, muscular pains, arthritis, slipped discs, frozen shoulder and many other problems that act as barrier in practicing healthy and fit life. Many people suffer with different types of pains such as back pains...Read More

Physiotherapy Equipments :

Sports Physiotherapy : We at Delhi Physiotherapist are a reputable name in the field of physical therapy. We have experts in Physiotherapy Treatment and are engaged in providing suggestions and treatments related to the rehabilitation and injuries. We provide lucrative physical therapy and rehabilitation techniques to heal the various types of diseases, pains, injuries and disorders...Read More

Neuro Physiotherapy : Neuro Physiotherapy or Neurological Physiotherapy or Neurotherapy is the treatment of patients who have a neurological disorder. Neurological disorders can affect the brain, spinal and nerves. There are many kinds of neurological disorders such as stroke, head injury, spinal cord injury, head injury, Parkinson’s disease, dyspraxia, myopathy, cerebral palsy,...Read More
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