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When muscle function is lost in part of body it is termed as the Paralysis. Severe paralysis can stop the passage of message between the brain and the muscles. It can be cause to a loss of feeling, sensory loss. It can be completely affect completely or partially affect the body. It can affect the either one side or both sides of the body. Paralysis is most frequently caused by damage in the nervous system, especially the spinal cord. There are many other causes which may give birth to paralysis.

Physiotherapy Treatments for Paralysis

Physiotherapy plays a vital role in overall management of treatments for paralysis. Physiotherapy treatments are provided to sufferers depending upon the cause and severity of the symptoms.

We at Delhi Physiotherapist provide rapid with latest techniques and high quality physical therapy services. We take utmost attention during the treatment sessions. We ensure for maximum recover as much as possible. We can avoid the need of surgeries in common cases. Our experts understand about the types of paralysis and have deep understanding of it. Our therapy can lead to 99% recovery in stroke patients

Our physiotherapy treatment for paralysis focuses on :

  • Muscle strengthening
  • Stretches to maintain muscle length and joint range of motion
  • Dynamic balance work
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Use of gymnasium facilities
  • Use of hydrotherapy pool
  • Provision of walking aids and equipment
  • Care education
  • Improved walking pattern and stamina
  • Improved ability to carry out day to day activities

We at Delhi Physiotherapist treat the root cause of the Paralysis not just the symptoms.

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